A peer to peer (p2p) file sharing client based on limewire

Operating system: Windows

Release: LimeZilla 4.4.0

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.9754

If you used filesharing programs in the early 2000s, then you doubt remember limeshare. It was the top of the line, cutting edge filesharing program that could connect you to other users who were sharing files, and would allow you to receive those files from them, quickly and without much hassle. Well, that program is no longer around, but this program has stepped in to fill those shoes. It has a similar user interface that is sure to bring back some memories of the original limewire. It also boasts many features that the original did not have. 


  • Turbocharge your downloads for optimal speed. Not everyone has time to sit around waiting for a download, instead, they want to get their songs and videos as quickly as possible and move on with their busy lives. The makers of limezilla understand this, so they make it easy to download each item as quickly as you possibly can.
  • This program uses the Gnutella framework, which means you are connected to millions of users to download music, movies, books, program, and other items
  • Many search functions, such as multiple tabs for search, advanced searching by multiple categories, like genre, artist, title, or more
  • Can even work through firewalls
  • Dynamic querying, advanced and intuitive system for finding rare files
  • Uses DRM free technology, so you can download whatever kind of files you like, regardless of who owns them

Everyone wants to download the newest movies, video games, music, videos, tv shows, books, files, and programs, without having to pay high prices, and this program makes it very easy to do just that, with an interface that is attractive and easy to use, and a large range of features, and an even large user group to share files with and from.

Combines benefits of many programs into one

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