by Motorola Mobility LLC

Motocast will need to keep the computer are streaming files from powered on and online.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Motorola Mobility LLC

Release: MotoCast 2.0.31

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Actually, MotoCast is comprised of two solutions that let you bring your media and files with us. They have partitioned two primary solutions of MotoCast wireless and MotoCast USB

Motocast wireless can stream our entire collection of music , photos , videos and documents straight from our computer. There is no need to first upload our files to public cloud

Motocast USB can sync our music, photos, videos podcasts and contacts between our computer and our device using a cable we also to move a device can be enjoyed

It has two primary solutions. We can use one or both of these solutions based on access our media and files on our tablet or phone

  • It is alternative to update our device WiFi or carrier network
  • It can transfer to device is only be limited amount of memory available on that
  • It also sync music 
  • It can also setup a Wifi network
  • It also update device software
  • It will open automatically use to load music onto  device and sync of workouts

Finally, Motocast is very helpful to our day to day life applications like music, videos and also podcasts hence we will transfer the datas from one system function into another one of their data redundancy purposes.

It can adjust the proxy settings through wireless purposes

Sometimes it can adjust the firewall to allow their connections

Additional to link  music, videos for Windows media player, iTunes and also their photo content


Aaron Yates
MotoCast consists of two main services: MotoCast and MotoCast USB. MotoCast can stream photo, audio, and video media files directly from a computer without having to upload them to cloud storage. MotoCast USB can sync information like podcasts, photos, videos, and contacts between devices via a USB cable. MotoCast can also update Motorola devices, set up a WiFi network, update the software on your device, and automatically sync music. A Motorola table or mobile phone is required to take advantage of this software.
MotoCast is an innovative new solution that provides users access to their music and video collection via live streaming from the MotoCast app directly onto their devices such as iPad, iPhone, and other mobile devices.
MotoCast for Windows is a wonderful application for many reasons, one of which being it allows the transfer of files so seamlessly and effortlessly. Made for any Motorola user, it is compatible with image, video, text and application transfer as well. This multimodal program is essential for those users who want the transfer capabilities that come with this one interface.
There are not yet any reviews available for Motocast. Motocast is basically a hot spot of your media that can link to your computer or laptop! Similarly like a Bluetooth application without all the extra hassle of uploading the content. You can get this as a free download. This is a great way to make the transfer of your files or media onto your PC without all the extra hassle!
Scott Pease
a broadcasting software for windows for edit and controling media
MotoCast is a free application that we can easily use and easily installed on the windows and it can be used to perform several tasks and moto cast is a wireless we can stream content music videos photos documents etc and we can use in mobile also so finally I say it's great
A product to backup and store your Motorola phone content, including photo and videos, and visa versa. After downloading the software you can connect your Motorola phone through USB to transfer data both ways. This will allow carrying your data with you to anywhere you go. The most important advantage I believe is that when you start using this software and link to your telephone, you do not need to worry about running space on your phone, or dependency on transferring your data to some other drives or insecure public servers etc. to make some space on your phone. It seems like the software works best with Android operation systems (on your Android Motorola phone). It is possible to update your Android software easily without going trough complex processes. The software is simple and straight forward to use. You can access to your phone through the browser you are using on your computer. Complex app protocols are not needed. It is very friendly to your USB usage, so that you can keep it in your tray all the time with direct live connection to your phone.
MotoCast is popular and widely used for it's two main features being wireless streaming and USB. It can help make use of many features and reduce the redundancy faced in many day-to-day applications. We can view photos, videos, etc, without having to upload it to the cloud thus saving us a lot of time. It serves as a good alternative to many other options out there and is quite convenient.
Are you a Motorola phone user that is looking to transfer data from you phone to computer. Is so, then this free tool is what you are looing for. Easy to install and connects with a USB connection. This tool is something every Motorola user should have in their toolbelt. Great software that works fast and easy to use.
MotoCast is an apparatus that can without much of a stretch be utilized assuming you are a Motorola client. This device contains the USB drivers and programming that assist you with associating your Motorola telephone to your PC utilizing a USB link. MotoCast is a freeware telephone association programming download recorded under media servers and made accessible by Motorola Mobility for Windows. MotoCast for Windows is a magnificent application for some reasons, one of which being it permits the exchange of records so consistently and easily.
This is a phone connection software for a Motorola users, this software has USB drivers in it so that phone users can easily transfer files from mobile to PC easily and effectively it helps in transferring photos, videos and even text messages also unlike other software this doesn't make system hang after connecting it to mobile it takes very less time in data transferring with same quality
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