by FeePerfect

Transfer files on your local network without an internet connection

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: FeePerfect

Release: Feem 4.2.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Feem is an offline file transfer application that's faster and more secure than Bluetooth or the cloud and is compatible with all your favorite devices.


  • Offline file transfers using wifi direct or local network
  • 50x faster than Bluetooth, 2x faster than Dropbox
  • Large file size capability that does not affect your monthly online data bandwidth
  • TLS encryption on transfers to ensure secure transfers.
  • Compatible with all your favorite devices, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, IOS and Windows phone.

Feem is a file transfer application for use anywhere your devices are. It's perfect for home, school or even business use. You can use either your local area network, or the wifi direct feature to securely transfer files from one device to another. Transfers do not require an internet connection like with competiting services ( dropbox or onedrive), as they are performed directly using the wifi direct protocol or your local network. This ensures that your transfers are secure. Better still, they are up to 50X faster than bluetooth transfers, and as much as twice as fast as an online transfer.

Feem is better alternative to programs like dropbox because it does not require an internet connection and provided significantly faster transfer speeds.

Feem is the perfect solution for your offline file transfer needs. It's fifty times faster than bluetooth, and twice as fast as an online transfer, and it uses TLS encryption for added security. Why use up your precious data bandwidth and expose your data to the cloud when you can transfer it faster and more securely using Feem? Feem is perfect for personal and business use and fills a void that cloud based services have not addressed.

Feem is compatiable with all of your devices, including windows, mac osx, android, even windows phone. It's a significantly better options compared to services like airdrop, which do not provide support for as many devices, including mac os. Moreover, Feem by nature is more secure given it's offline first design and TLS encryption backing. Why not pick a file transfer service that fits your needs and adapts to your device ecosystem, even when offline? It's a no brainer.

Feem is simply the easiest, fastest most cost effective way of transfering all of your pictures, documents, music and other files from one device to another. 

Feem is compatible with Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Android 4.0+, Windows Phone 10, IOS 8.0+ and is provided free of charge.  

Feem is for people who want to share files offline who are on the same network. It is great for colleagues, family or friends.
Secure software for file transfer that does not require internet or even a basic LAN network. It allows you to transfer files across your network and to other devices around you with ease and speed. No convoluted network sharing setups and is very simple to install. You don't even have to install it! You can use Feem Webshare to send files via a web browser such as Google Chrome and Firefox! Perfect for those who don't trust or wish to use cloud storage services.
Offline file-sharing can be pretty difficult. Many people (including me) do not trust the Cloud platforms that could potentially be compromised by hackers; but Feem makes it simple and easy to use. You can transfer files to any of your devices with no online required. Software from other companies is WAY to complicated and stressful to use. Feem is something I currently use & will continue to use for many years to come.
Amazingly innovative product! This would have saved my life so many times had I known about it years ago. Cheap as well, only $10 a year for a family plan? That's insane! Feem is a file sharing platform that doesn't require wifi or cellular service to share files, all that's needed is the app to be downloaded on all the elegible deivics.
Feem for Windows is ideal for sharing any kind of file. Sharing files can be made easy thanks to the program. No internet is required to try out Feem for Windows. Make sure to install the program as it was designed. Then the users can get started with the tools. That program has made it simple to share files with people. Learn how to manage files and then transfer them to any device. Modern devices will be compatible with the app too.
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