Cain & Abel

by Massimiliano Montoro

Recover your Windows passwords

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Massimiliano Montoro

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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.It is almost always abbreviated as "Cain". It is a perfect tool that is responsible for the recovery of passwords exclusively for Microsoft Windows. The tool manages to recover many types of passwords using a specific method such as Sniffing, a network packet, also has the function of being able to crack different types of password hashes using methods like dictionary attacks, brute force, and some attacks based on cryptanalysis. The different attacks of Cryptanalysis can be made using the method called Rainbow Tables, which can be generated by a program called Winrtgen.exe integrated into Cain & Abel.

Different antivirus manages to detect this tool as Malware. Some antivirus such as Avast! "Extremely dangerous software" and others such as the Microsoft Windows security suite classify it as "Software with potentially dangerous behavior"

Cain & Abel has been developed with the hope that it can be useful for network administrators, teachers, consultants, forensic, security software providers, among others who can take advantage of each of its purposes.

You can recover passwords hidden behind the asterisks.

  • It facilitates the information obtained in our network through the known sniffing of different protocols such as FTP, POP3, HTTP, among others.
  • You can recover passwords hidden behind the asterisks.
  • You can recover passwords behind the VNC profiles.
  • Discover the password cache.
  • It helps to decrypt secure passwords.
  • Has the ability to crack, Microsoft Windows PWL files, VNC, Hashes shared key Radius, Among many more. 

In conclusion, it can be said that this application can achieve very good things if given an appropriate use, the app is very good and also can be said to be very effective at the time of being used although its interface is a bit difficult to manage You can learn to use it in the correct way. I consider that just as the application can be used for many good things, it can also be used for negative things for society, since social networks can be hacked, and each one of the person's life can be discovered, besides it can be used against the people, getting their privacy broken and leaving it uncovered, In short, the tool can be used very well, but it can also be misused if the person has bad intentions.

this program is not for Windows or any program this is passage or chapter from the Bible
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