URL Snooper

by DonationCoder

Find the actual URL of audio or video streams so that the file can be downloaded

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DonationCoder

Release: URL Snooper 2.42.01

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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URL Snooper is freeware designed to make downloading the source file of audio and video streams easy. It does this by “snooping” behind the JavaScript or ActiveX scripts websites often used to hide the source file. By analyzing network traffic data, URL Snooper is able to find the URL of streaming sources for most if not all streams.


  • Works with Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1, Vista, XP
  • Works with 32 bit or 64 bit systems
  • Analyzes network traffic to find source URLs
  • Displays IP addresses and Protocols of URLs
  • Uses WinPcap Driver
  • Easy and advanced modes
  • Freeware

If you’ve ever wanted to download an audio or video stream online, you’ve no doubt noticed that the “link” to the steam is often not the file source of the stream. Steaming sites often disguise the URL locations of their source files by camouflaging them with JavaScript or ActiveX scripts, making it impossible to find a downloadable source file. Almost impossible. URL Snooper is freeware that allows you to look behind these script barriers to find a downloadable file. It is a one-step easy solution that monitors network traffic data of streaming media URLs, making it able to find any streaming source.

URL Snooper uses network traffic data to look behind JavaScript or ActiveX script smoke screens to find the source of the stream.

Once started URL Snooper will identify all steaming URLs and display them. These sources can then be used to download the file. While URL Snooper is a simple one-step solution, users can also access some advanced features like URL filtering by protocol or keyword, and defining preferred network cards and “sniffing” engines.URL Snooper comes in an installable and portable version that doesn’t require installation. It uses the WinPcap driver to capture and filter URLs. The user interface is simple and intuitive. The program displays detected URLs along with their IP address and protocols. This data can be copied, saved to a text file, or opened in a browser.

I wish I new about URL Snooper a few months ago. I travel with my laptop quite often for business. While on the plane I like to get as much work done as possible. Prior to my flight I tried to download a video onto my laptop from YouTube but it did not work. This program would have been perfect. I found the software easy to use. Search for the video, select it and then watch it. Pretty simple.
The URL snooper is able to go behind the scenes of programs like JavaScript that is normally used to hide a source file. The snooper by passes this and is able to find the URL of streaming for almost of its streams. Most streaming sites will disguise the URL locations so you are not able to stream it, but this program will by pass that and find the URL location so you can stream whatever you want.
Logan Dubose
URL Snooper was composed to assist clients with finding the urls of sound and video documents so they can be recorded. Numerous connects to gushing sound and video that you run over on the web are taken cover behind javascript or activex contents. Along these lines, it is in some cases extremely hard to make sense of the real urls that compare to the streams being played. The objective of Project URL Snooper is to give a one-stop simple answer for finding the URLs for all streams. It does this by watching system traffic and distinguishing potential urls, particularly gushing media urls.
Snooper for Windows is a software program that lets user find urls for video and audio for recording purposes. It has a clean interface that is easy to use and navigate. It's features include small packet spanning, improved identification functions, new dynamic keyword filters, improved context menu support, recording hints and links to websites, and customizable browser selection. It's a useful and easy to use program that helps anyone who likes to record from posted media.
URL Snooper is a cool software that can help you to find website urls of audios and videos you may need a link to so you can get a hold of them and this is essential to finding what you need on demand without loading a web browser or other tools. This is essential to then finding online copies of any music or even videos on demand.
This app locates and records URLs and audio and video files. It can be hard to record files that are encrypted, but this app makes it easy for anyone to do so. The user interface has been updated and made a lot easier to view and use. You can customize your browser and your favorites menu. It also offers the drag and drops feature to make the process a lot faster.
People can use URL snooper to get the URLs for audio and video files so they can record them and use them for personal use. In the new version, they have upgraded the user interface. Also, they improved context menu support in the newer version. You can also customize browser selection.
I feel it like it could be most benefited when we need of the app of something in case of recording or capturing audio and video this app or the this application would be so much useful in the necessary place. The software product above mentioned is the snoooper and the need and merits and the demerits have been mentioned.
I love using URL Snooper for Windows because it's a program that helps me retrieve the URLs that link to any kind of multimedia on a website. It offers top-notch analysis so it can make the retrieval quickly and it won't slow down your browsing activity at all. The interface is a bit clunky, although it certainly gets its job done well.
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